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The SIAM Gators is the University of Florida chapter of SIAM, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The club holds a meeting featuring two main activities every other Thursday at 1:55 pm in LIT 368. Each meeting consists of a presentation given by either a student or faculty member on a subject in applied mathematics, followed by a discussion period. Following the meeting, the chapter engages members in an activity called “Apply It,” where the club tackles real-world problems by applying knowledge in mathematics, computer science, and teamwork. No programming skills are necessary; all you need to participate is a will to learn! Refreshments and pizza are served every meeting. SIAM Gators is currently working to schedule presentations for this upcoming year, but students interested in Apply It are encourage to come to the next meeting. To learn more about the SIAM Gators students can view the presentation given at our interest meeting here.

A Brief History about the SIAM Gators.

SIAM Gators held its first SIAM Gators Conference in March 3rd to March 4th, 2004. This was, in fact, the first ever student organized conference for SIAM. It was unique in that it was run entirely by students in the SIAM student group with faculty acting only as advisors.  The SIAM Gators hosted two additional conferences at the University of Florida in 2009 and in 2014.

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